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Annual gifts to the Boston Symphony Orchestra are essential to the support of ongoing operations and vibrant programs. They ensure the BSO’s extraordinary music-making remains unsurpassed and continues to reach people the world over through its focus on education and community engagement. The BSO gratefully acknowledges the following Boston Symphony, Pops, and Tanglewood donors who contributed $2,500 or more to the orchestra’s Annual Funds, Galas, cultivation events, and special projects in fiscal year 2018.

$100,000 AND ABOVE

Alli and Bill Achtmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Behrakis

Peter A. Brooke

Cynthia and Oliver Curme

Michael L. Gordon

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Charlie and Dorothy Jenkins/
   The Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation

Joyce Linde

Nancy and Richard Lubin


Perles Family Foundation

John S. and Cynthia Reed

Carol and Joe Reich

Sue Rothenberg

Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton

Caroline and James Taylor

June Wu


$50,000 – $99,999

Linda J.L. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Booth

Gregory E. Bulger Foundation/
   Gregory Bulger & Richard Dix

Bonnie and Terry Burman

Catherine and Paul Buttenwieser

John F. Cogan, Jr. and Mary L. Cornille

Lynn Dale and Frank Wisneski

Alan J. and Suzanne W. Dworsky

Deborah and Philip Edmundson

William and Deborah Elfers

Thomas and Winifred Faust

Isanne and Sanford Fisher

Ted and Debbie Kelly

Meg and Joseph Koerner

League of American Orchestras

Elizabeth W. and John M. Loder


Josh and Jessica Lutzker

Carmine A. and Beth V. Martignetti

Jane B. and Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

Megan and Robert O'Block

Claudio and Penny Pincus

Mrs. Irene Pollin

Mr. James E. Pollin

Kristin and Roger Servison

Carol and Irv Smokler

Maria and Ray Stata

Jacqueline and Albert Togut

Stephen and Dorothy Weber

Robert and Roberta Winters

Brooks and Linda Zug

Anonymous (3)

$25,000 – $49,999

Amy and David Abrams

Jim and Virginia Aisner

Lloyd Axelrod, M.D.

Liliana and Hillel Bachrach

Gabriella Beranek

Roberta and George ‡ Berry

Joan and John ‡ Bok

Karen S. Bressler and Scott M. Epstein

Jan Brett and Joseph Hearne

Ronald G. Casty

R. Martin Chavez and Collin Gage

Roberta L. and Lawrence H. ‡ Cohn, M.D.

Donna and Don Comstock

Sally Currier and Saul Pannell

Drs. Anna L. and Peter B. Davol

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel de Bragança

Alan and Lisa Dynner

Paul and Sandy Edgerley

Ginger and George Elvin

Beth and Richard Fentin

Dr. David Fromm

Dr. and Mrs. Levi A. Garraway

Joy S. Gilbert

Martha and Todd Golub

Goodwin, Regina M. Pisa

The Grossman Family Charitable Foundation

Bobbie Hallig

Ronnie and Jonathan Halpern

Scott and Ellen Hand

Mrs. Francis W. Hatch

Nathan and Marilyn Hayward

Richard and Nancy Heath

Ricki Tigert Helfer and Michael S. Helfer

Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Henry

Mrs. Nancy R. Herndon

Drs. James and Eleanor Herzog

Jackie and Larry Horn


Valerie and Allen Hyman

Carol and George Jacobstein

Prof. Paul L. Joskow and
   Dr. Barbara Chasen Joskow

Michelle and Mark Jung

Stephen B. Kay and Lisbeth L. Tarlow

Lizbeth and George Krupp

Mr. Dan Kurtz

Henry and Louise Leander

Joseph C. McNay,
   The New England Foundation

Kurt and Therese Melden

Sandra Moose and Eric ‡ Birch

Cecile Higginson Murphy

Nancy and Jay Nichols

Polly and Dan ‡ Pierce

Eduardo Plantilla, M.D. and Lina Plantilla, M.D.

William and Lia Poorvu

William and Helen Pounds

James and Melinda Rabb

Ronald and Karen Rettner

Louise C. Riemer

Cynthia and Grant Schaumburg

Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation:
   Richard and Susan ‡ Smith;
   John and Amy S. Berylson and James Berylson;
   Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block;
   Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz;
   Robert and Dana Smith;
   Debra S. Knez, Jessica Knez and Andrew Knez

Theresa M. and Charles F. Stone III

Norma and Jerry Strassler

Jean C. Tempel

John Lowell Thorndike

Stephen, Ronney, Wendy and Roberta Traynor

Linda and Edward Wacks

Linda and Daniel Waintrup

Marillyn Zacharis

Anonymous (4)

$15,000 – $24,999

Noubar and Anna Afeyan

Lois and Harlan Anderson 

Norman Atkin MD and Joan Phillips Schwartzman

Joan and Richard Barovick

Ann Bitetti and Doug Lober

Sydelle and Lee Blatt

Brad and Terrie Bloom

Edward S. W. Boesel

Mr. and Mrs. ‡ John M. Bradley

Paul and Catherine Braverman

BSO Members' Association

Joanne and Timothy Burke

Susan and Joel Cartun

The Cavanagh Family

Arthur Clarke and Susan Sloan

Joseph and Phyllis ‡ Cohen

James and Tina Collias

Ranny Cooper and David Smith

Diddy and John Cullinane

Dr. William T. Curry, Jr. and
   Ms. Rebecca Nordhaus

Gene and Lloyd Dahmen

Rachel and Peter Dixon

Julie and Ronald M. Druker

Mr. and Mrs. William Foley

The Frelinghuysen Foundation

Estate of Courtney N. Ganz

Tasneem and Zoher Ghogawala

Cora and Ted ‡ Ginsberg

Barbara and Robert Glauber

Thelma ‡ and Ray Goldberg

Malcom and Linda Griggs

Carol B. Grossman

The Edward Handelman Fund

Ms. Jeanne M. Hayden and Mr. Andrew Szajlai

Albert A. Holman III and Susan P. Stickells


Alice Honner-White and Pieter C. White

Leslie and Stephen Jerome

Tom Kuo and Alexandra DeLaite

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy, Jr.

Jay and Shirley Marks

Patrick MeLampy

Jo Frances and John P. Meyer

Dr. Martin C. Mihm, Jr.

Rebecca and Nathan Milikowsky

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Montrone

Anne M. Morgan

Kristin A. Mortimer

Jerry and Mary ‡ Nelson

Ann M. Philbin

Randy and Stephanie Pierce

Janet and Irv Plotkin

Susanne and John Potts

Mrs. Millard H. Pryor, Jr.

Peggy Reiser and Charles Cooney

Suzanne and Burton ‡ Rubin

Carole and Edward I. Rudman

Sean Rush and Carol C. McMullen

Joanne Zervas Sattley

Benjamin Schore

Arthur and Linda Schwartz

Arlene and Donald Shapiro

Daniel and Lynne Ann Shapiro

Ann and Phillip Sharp

The Honorable George and Charlotte Shultz

Solange Skinner

Blair Trippe

Eric and Sarah Ward

Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner

Drs. Christoph and Sylvia Westphal

Anonymous (4)

$10,000 – $14,999

Ms. Deborah L. Allinson

David and Holly Ambler

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Andersen

Gideon Argov and Alexandra Fuchs

Diane M. Austin and Aaron J. Nurick

Judith and Harry ‡ Barr

Lucille Batal

Robert and Elana Baum

Roz and Wally Bernheimer

Phyllis and Paul Berz

Mrs. Linda Cabot Black

Mark G. and Linda Borden

Marlene and Dr. Stuart H. ‡ Brager

Lorraine Bressler

Thomas Burger and Andrée Robert

Eleanor L. and Levin H. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Miceal Chamberlain, Jr.

Barbara and Fred Clifford

Ms. RoAnn Costin

Ernest Cravalho and Ruth Tuomala

Edith L. and Lewis S. ‡ Dabney

Bob and Happy Doran

Eitan and Malka Evan

Pamela Everhart and Karl Coiscou

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Fischman

Myra and Raymond ‡ Friedman

Leslie and Johanna Garfield

The Gerald Flaxer Charitable Foundation,
   Nancy S. Raphael, Trustee

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Gilbert

Raymond and Joan Green

Dr Lynne B Harrison

James and Kristin Hatt

Mr. and Mrs. Ulf B. Heide

Rebecca Henderson and James Morone

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Richard D. Hill

Mr. James G. Hinkle and Mr. Roy Hammer

Susie and Stuart Hirshfield

Ms. Emily C. Hood

Kathleen and Ronald Jackson

Stephanie and Daniel Janis

Margery and Everett Jassy

Darlene and Jerry Jordan

The Loretta and Michael Kahn Foundation, Inc.

The Kandell Fund,
   in memory of Florence and Leonard S. Kandell

Brian A. Kane

The Rita J. And Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation;
   Nancy and Mark Belsky,
   Susan B. Kaplan,
   Scott and Gila Belsky

Steve Kidder and Judy Malone

Seth A. and Beth S. Klarman

Robert Kleinberg

Mr. Robert K. Kraft

Norma and Sol D. Kugler

Pamela S. Kunkemueller


Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lee

Shirley and William Lehman

Arlene and Jerome Levine

Thomas and Adrienne Linnell

Betty W. Locke

Arthur and Vicki Loring

Anne R. Lovett and Stephen G. Woodsum

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Martin

Jack and Elizabeth Meyer

Kyra and Jean Montagu

Richard P. and Claire W. Morse Foundation

Robert E. and Eleanor K. Mumford

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard O'Halloran

John O'Leary

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Oristaglio

Jane and Neil Pappalardo

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Paresky

Donald and Laurie Peck

Andrew and Audrey Proto

Mary Ann and Bruno A. Quinson

Linda H. Reineman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reynolds

Dr. Robin S. Richman and Dr. Bruce Auerbach

Graham Robinson and Jeanne Yu

Dr. Michael and Patricia Rosenblatt

Debora and Alan Rottenberg

Maureen and Joe Roxe/
   The Roxe Foundation

Dr. Beth Sackler and Mr. Jeffrey Cohen

Sagner Family Foundation

Kenan and Andrea Sahin

Malcolm and BJ Salter

Darin S. Samaraweera

Schnesel Family Fund

Dan Schrager and Ellen Gaies

Eileen Shapiro and Reuben Eaves

Rita and Harvey Simon

Scott and Robert Singleton

Maggie and Jack Skenyon

Anne-Marie Soullière and Lindsey C.Y. Kiang

Ms. Nicole M. Stata and Mr. Joseph D. Schotland

Katherine Chapman Stemberg

Jerry and Nancy Straus

Roz and Charles Stuzin

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sullivan

Richard and Bonnie Sullivan

Lois and David Swawite

Roger Tilles

Diana O. Tottenham

Sandra A. Urie and Frank F. Herron

Harvey and Joëlle Wartosky

Mr. and Mrs. David Weinstein

Hermine Drezner and Jan ‡ Winkler

Sidney and Deanna Wolk

Anonymous (5)

$5,000 – $9,999

Ms. Nancy Adams and Mr. Scott Schoen

Nathaniel Adams and Sarah Grandfield

Deborah and Charles Adelman

Michael and Susan Albert

Mr. and Mrs.Theodore B. Alfond

Helaine B. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Applebaum

Dr. Ronald Arky

Marjorie Arons-Barron and James H. Barron

Mrs. Hope Lincoln Baker

Dr. Peter A. Banks

Fred and Joanne Barber

Donald P. Barker, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Barnes III

Stephen Barrow and Janis Manley-Barrow

Timi and Gordon Bates

John and Molly Beard

Judith Bergman and John Bergman

Jerome and Henrietta Berko

Carole and Richard Berkowitz

Ms. Joyce S. Bernstein and
   Mr. Lawrence M. Rosenthal

Linda and Tom Bielecki

Louis and Bonnie Biskup

Hildi and Walter Black

Peter Blau and Cristina Coletta Blau

Gail and Stanley Bleifer

Drs. Judith and Martin Bloomfield

Betsy and Nathaniel Bohrer

Traudy and Stephen Bradley

Carol and Bob Braun

Jane Braus

Judy and Simeon Brinberg

Joseph Brooks

Richard and Diane Brown

Mr. Daniel Brownell and Ms. Kelley Laurel

Drs. Andrea and Brad Buchbinder

Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Budish

James Bunt

Debby and Scott Butler

Julie and Kevin Callaghan

David and Maria Carls

Jane Carr and Andy Hertig

Yi-Hsin Chang and Eliot Morgan

Dr. Frank Clark and Dr. Lynn Delisi

Ronald and Judy Clark

Marjorie B. and Martin Cohn

Mrs. Abram Collier

Carol and Randy Collord

Judith and Stewart Colton

Albert and Hilary Creighton

Prudence and William Crozier

Ann Denburg Cummis

Joan P. and Ronald C. Curhan

Jim and Shirley Curvey

Eve and Philip D. Cutter

Mr. David D'Alessandro

Robert and Sara Danziger

Deborah B. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Denbo

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Deutsch

Charles and JoAnne Dickinson

Richard Dixon and Douglas Rendell

Nina L. and Eugene B. Doggett

Phyllis Dohanian

Charles L. and Nancy T. Donahue

Robert Donaldson and Judith Ober

Gigi Douglas ‡ and David Fehr

Chester and Joy Douglass

Joanne and Jerry Dreher

Ms. Katherine Duffy

Mary Dunbrack

Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Eagan

Eran and Yukiko Egozy

Ursula Ehret-Dichter

Saul and Barbara Eisenberg

Dr. T. Donald ‡ and Janet Eisenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Elrad

Mrs. Richard S. Emmet

Diana Engelhorn

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Eustis

Roger and Judith Feingold

Nancy Edman Feldman and Mike Chefetz

Shirley and Richard ‡ Fennell

Deborah Fenster-Seliga and Edward Seliga

Fiduciary Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fiedler

Barbie and Reg Foster

Bud and Ellie Frank

David and Tracey Frankel

Myrna H. Freedman

Rabbi Daniel Freelander and Rabbi Elyse Frishman

Adaline H. Frelinghuysen

Fried Family Foundation,
   Janet and Michael Fried

Carolyn and Roger Friedlander

Dr. Fredric C. Friedman and 
   Ms. Cathy Demain Mann

Esta and Kenneth Friedman

Audrey and Ralph Friedner

Thomas M. Fynan and William F. Loutrel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gable

Lynne Galler and Hezzy Dattner

Nicki Nichols Gamble

Beth and John Gamel

Lonnie and Jeffrey Garber

Drs. Anne and Michael Gershon

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Giddens

Dr. Donald and Phoebe Giddon

Mr. Scott A. Gieselman

Robert ‡ and Stephanie Gittleman

David H. Glaser and Deborah F. Stone

Stuart Glazer and Barry Marcus

David and Marita Glodt

Rita Sue and Alan Gold

Alfred and Joan Goldberg

Jordan and Sandy Golding

Joe and Perry Goldsmith

Judi Goldsmith

Adele C. Goldstein

Robert and Donna Goodman

Corinne and Jerry Gorelick

Jack Gorman

Jud and Roz Gostin

Susan and Richard Grausman

Marjorie and Nicholas Greville

Mr. Harold Grinspoon and Ms. Diane Troderman

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Guarracino

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gullbrants

The Guttman Family Foundation,
   in memory of Jerome B. and Albee P. Guttman

David Haas

Beverly and Lyman Hamilton

Joseph K. ‡ and Mary Jane Handler

Ms. Annette Hanson and Mr. Robert Hanson

Dena and Felda Hardymon

John and Ellen Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Leon Harris

William Hawes and Mieko Komagata ‡

Barbara Colgan Haynes

Carol and Robert Henderson

Peter and Ann Herbst

Mary and Harry Hintlian

Patricia and Galen Ho

Dr. Susan Hockfield and Dr. Thomas N. Byrne

Enid and Charles ‡ Hoffman

Richard Holland

Timothy P. Horne

Nancy and Walter Howell

G. Lee and Diana Y. Humphrey

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Roger Hunt

Joanie V. Ingraham

Blake Ireland,
   in memory of Anne Ireland

Marty and Judy Isserlis

Stephen and Michele Jackman

Jeanne and Richard Jaffe

Liz and Alan Jaffe

Lola Jaffe

Mimi and George Jigarjian

Nancy and G. Timothy Johnson

Ms. Lauren Joy

Teresa Kaltz

Adrienne and Alan Kane

Martin and Wendy Kaplan

Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc./
   Susan B. Kaplan and Nancy and Mark Belsky

Barbara and Leo Karas

The Karp Family Foundation

Shulamit ‡ and Chaim Katzman

Patricia Kennelly and Edward Keon

Mr. and Mrs. Carleton F. Kilmer

Paul L. King

Deko and Harold ‡ Klebanoff

Phyllis (Patti) and Harvey Klein

Mr. John L. Klinck, Jr.

Dr. Nancy Koehn


Dr. Samuel Kopel and Sari Scheer

Barbara N. Kravitz

J. Kenneth Kruvant and Cathy Kruvant

Mr. Robert L. Kuttner and Ms. Joan Fitzgerald

Mr. Benjamin H. Lacy

Marilyn E. Larkin

Robert A. and Patricia P. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lee

Helaine and Marvin Lender

Cynthia and Robert J. Lepofsky

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Levey

Rosemarie and Alexander Levine

Ira Levy, Lana Masor and Juliette Freedman

Marje Lieberman and Sam Seager

Geri and Roy Liemer

Anthony and Alice Limina

Ian and Christa Lindsay

Jane and Roger Loeb

Phyllis and Walter F. Loeb

Dr. Nancy Long and Marc Waldor

Ms. Diane H. Lupean

Paula Lustbader

Diane and Darryl Mallah

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mangum

Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Suzanne and Mort Marvin

Michael and Rosemary McElroy

Janet McKinley

Joel Robert Melamed MD

Ann Merrifield and Wayne Davis

Wilma and Norman Michaels

Richard S. Milstein, Esq.

Dale and Robert Mnookin

Teresa and Martin Monas

Joan G. Monts

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monts

Betty Morningstar and Jeanette Kruger

Kate and Hans Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Murphy, Jr.

Richard Novik and Eugenia Zukerman

Richard and Jolene O'Brien

John and Mary Ellen O'Connor

Arnold and Ellen Offner

Cecilia O'Keefe

Karen and Chet Opalka

Annette and Vincent O'Reilly

Joseph and Joan Patton

Ms. Claudia K. Perles

Lee Perlman and Linda Riefberg

Rabbi Rex Perlmeter and
   Rabbi Rachel Hertzman

Drs. James and Ellen Perrin

Slocumb H. and E. Lee Perry

Wendy Philbrick

Jonathan and Amy Poorvu

Ted Popoff and Dorothy Silverstein

Ms. Dorothy Puhy

Nancy and George Putnam

Michael C.J. Putnam and Kenneth Gaulin

Ellen and Mickey Rabina

Dr. Herbert Rakatansky and
   Mrs. Barbara Sokoloff

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rater

Peter and Suzanne Read

Rita and Norton Reamer

John Sherburne Reidy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rhoads

Sharon and Howard Rich

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Richman

Mrs. Nancy Riegel

Elaine and Bernard Roberts

Carmichael Roberts and Sandra Park

Barbara and Michael Rosenbaum

Lawrence and Bette Sue Rosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rosovsky

Edie and Stan Ross

Selma Rothstein

William and Kathleen Rousseau

Milton B. Rubin

Sue Z. Rudd

Larry and Pat Rutkowski

Steve and Andrea Ryan

Joan and Michael Salke

Elisabeth Sapery and Rosita Sarnoff

Dr. and Mrs. James Satovsky

Norma and Roger A. Saunders

Bob and Silvia Schechter

Mr. Gary S. Schieneman and
   Ms. Susan B. Fisher

Mary and William Schmidt

Marcia and Albert Schmier

Lynda Anne Schubert

Marvin and Carol Schwartzbard

Mrs. Zelda Schwebel

David and Marie Louise Scudder

Rosmarie Scully

Carol Searle and Andrew Ley

Mr. Marvin Seline

Carol and Richard Seltzer

JoAnne and Joel Shapiro

Lois and Leonard Sharzer

Betsy and Will Shields

The Shields Family

Susan and Judd Shoval

Marion A. Simon

Arthur and Mary Ann Siskind

Gilda Slifka

Ms. Laura J. Sloate

Christopher and Cary Smallhorn

Ms. Nancy F. Smith

Tiina Smith and Lawrence Rand

Mr. Peter Spiegelman and Ms. Alice Wang

Lauren Spitz

Ken Stark,
   in memory of Lynn

Sharon and David Steadman

Lynn ‡ and Lewis Stein

Suzanne and Robert Steinberg

Noreene Storrie and Wesley McCain

Ms. Pat Strawgate

Ann and David Swanson Fund
   of the Maine Community Foundation

Dorothy and Gerry Swimmer

Aso O. Tavitian

Tazewell Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Thorndike III

Bob Tokarczyk

Magdalena Tosteson

Polly J. Townsend

Barbara and Gene Trainor

John Travis

Kevin Truex and Francis Burnes

Stanley and Marilyn Tulgan

Drs. Roger and Jillian Tung

Myra and Michael Tweedy

Marc and Nadia Ullman

Antoine and Emily van Agtmael

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Vance

Mr. Nicholas Vantzelfde and Ms. Lauren Erb

Christopher and Alison Viehbacher

Mark and Martha Volpe

Tony and Martha Vorlicek

Michael Walsh and Susan Ruf

Ms. Gayllis R. Ward and Mr. James B. Clemence

Ms. Marian M. Warden

Lois Wasoff and James Catterton ‡

Karen and Jerry Waxberg

Matthew and Susan Weatherbie

David and Susana Weber

Peter and Pat Weber

Norman Weeks

Ron and Vicki Weiner

Ms. Vita L. Weir and Mr. Edward Brice, Jr.

Gail and Barry Weiss

Mr. Robert W. Werner and
   Ms. Suzanne H. Werner

Carol Andrea Whitcomb

Carole White

Pamela Wickham

Dudley H. Willis and Sally S. Willis

John C. Willis, Jr.

The Wittels Family

Sally and Steve Wittenberg

June and Jeffrey Wolf

The Jessie and Bernard Wolfson
   Family Foundation

Drs. Richard and Judith Wurtman

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Yaremchuk

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Yarkin

Ms. Erika Z. Goldberg and Dr. Stephen Kurland

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Zervas

Carol and Robert Zimmerman

Richard M. Ziter, M.D.

Ed and Judi Zuker

Ms. Gail Zunz and Dr. Sharyn J. Zunz

Anonymous (12)


$3,000 – $4,999

Mrs. Sonia Abrams

Ms. Jean F. Adelson

Andrew Allt, Richard Byrnes, and
   Michael McDyer

Joel and Lisa Alvord

Ms. Dianne J. Anderson and
   Mr. Scott W. Anderson

Arthur Appelstein and Lorraine Becker

Lisa G. Arrowood and Philip D. O'Neill, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Ashman

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Asquith

John and Ann Aucello

David and Susan Auerbach

Sandy and David Bakalar

Mr. and Mrs. Benny Barak

Ms. Shirley B. Barnes

Chris and Darcey Bartel

Hanna and James Bartlett

David Bear and Laurie Hammer Bear

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Derek J. Benham

Cindy and David Berger

Helene Berger

John Bergman

Clark and Susana Bernard

Leonard and Jane Bernstein

Richard Bernstein and Janice Abbott

Mrs. Stanton L. Black

Neil and Margery Blacklow

Birgit and Charles Blyth

Partha and Vinita Bose

Jim and Linda Brandi

John and Trish Brennan

Elaine and Charlie Brenner

Mr. Edgar W. Brenninkmeyer and
   Dr. John D. Golenski

William E. Briggs

Catherine Brigham

David and Jane Brigham

Ellen and Ronald Brown

Sandra L. Brown

Matthew Budd and Rosalind Gorin

Rhea and Allan Bufferd

James and Debbi Buslik

Ms. Ruth A. Butler

Mrs. Laura S. Butterfield

Franklyn Caine

Patricia Callahan

Mrs. Assunta Cha

Antonia Chayes

Margaret and Bertram Chinn

Drs. Magdalena and Lucian Chirieac

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ciampa

Lewis F. Clark, Jr.

Mr. David S. Coffey

Barry and Naomi Cohen

Mr. Stephen Coit and Ms. Susan Napier

Mrs. I.W. Colburn

Malcolm and Ann Cole

Linda Benedict Colvin,
   in loving memory of her parents,
   Phyllis and Paul Benedict

Jeffrey and Alison Corin

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Coyne

Robert and Sarah Croce

Joanna Inches Cunningham

Tamara P. and Charles H. Davis II

Brenda and Jerome Deener

Paul and Christina Del Balso

Arthur and Isadora Dellheim

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Deres

Pat and John Deutch

Relly and Brent Dibner

James and Teresa Dore

Emilie and Clark Downs

Mr. David L. Driscoll

Terry and Mel Drucker

Linda Dulye and Roger Gibboni

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Edelson

Mrs. William V. Ellis

Elaine Epstein and Jim Krachey

Peter Erichsen and David Palumb

Catherine and Richard L. Evans

Ziggy Ezekiel ‡ and
 Suzanne Courtright Ezekiel

Adele and Bruce Fader

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Falk

Andrew and Margaret Ferrara

Marcia and Jonathan Feuer

Laura and Philip Fidler

Patricia and James Fingeroth

Nancy and Peter Finn

Steve and Renee Finn

Martha and Mark Fishman

Mr. and Mrs. Niles D. Flanders

Elizabeth Fontaine

Jeanne Forel

Franchi Management Company

Velma Frank

Carolynn and Michael Friedman

Heidi and Austin Frye

Jill and Harold Gaffin

Loretta H. and Gregory J. Gailius

John and Ann Galt

Dozier and Sandy Gardner

Jim and Becky Garrett

Rose and Spyros Gavris

John and Brenda Geishecker

Arthur and Linda Gelb

George and Barbara Gellert

Drs. Ellen Gendler and James Salik,
   in memory of Dr. Paul Gendler

Ann Ghublikian and Margaret Sutherland

Kate and Tom Gilbane

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gillis

Diane Gipson

Elizabeth T. and Roberto S. Goizueta

Andrew Goldfarb

Roberta Goldman

Paul Gompers and Jody Dushay

Hon. and Mrs. José A. Gonzalez, Jr.

Rhonna and Ezra Goodman

Wendy and Peter Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham

Eric C. Green

Harriet and George Greenfield

Paula S. Greenman

Madeline L. Gregory

The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. J. Clark Grew

David and Harriet Griesinger

Margaret Lytle Griner

Mr. Edmund A. Grossman

Patricia and Louis Grossman

Michael and Muriel Grunstein

Janice Guilbault

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gund

Eli and Sheri Gurock

Anne Blair Hagan

Elizabeth M. Hagopian

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hamilton III

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Hanzel

Janice Harrington and John Matthews

Daphne and George Hatsopoulos

Deborah Hauser

Alexander Healy

Dr. Edward Heller, Jr. and Ms. Uni Joo

Mr. Gardner C. Hendrie and
   Ms. Karen J. Johansen

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hickox

Joan and Peter Hoffman

Pat and Paul Hogan

Miss Isabel B. Hooker

James and Joan Horwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Housman

Cerise Lim Jacobs,
   for Charles

Norman and Irene Jacobs

Richard and Marianne Jaffe

Denise Gelfand and Peter Dubin

Susan Johnston

In Memory of Blanche and George Jones

Linda M. and Minor C. Jones

Miriam and Gene Josephs

Nedra Kalish

Barbara and Gerry Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kelly

John and Nancy Kendall

Elizabeth Kent

Mary S. Kingsbery

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Kingsley

Alan Kluger and Amy Dean

Hans Knapp

Richard and Amy Kohan

Susan G. Kohn

Anna and Peter Kolchinsky

Dr. ‡ and Mrs. David Kosowsky

Alexander Kossey

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Kulvin


Mr. and Ms. Tom Kush

Peter and Connie Lacaillade

Cary and Beth Lakenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Don LeSieur

Jeremy Levine

Judie and Coleman Levy

Emily Lewis

Thomas Lewis and Ailene Robinson

Alice Libby and Mark Costanzo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linton

Meredith Lipke

Benjamin and Sharon Liptzin

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Litt

David Lloyd and Meg Mortimer

Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. Lloyd III

Keith and Emiley Lockhart

Gloria Luria

Emily and Malcolm MacNaught

Mr. Charles S. Maier

Jb and Evan Mallah

Dr. Judith K. Marquis and
   Mr. Keith F. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Marshall III

Mr. Steven Mayer

Vincent Mayer and Dana Lee

Jackie and Dr. Malcolm Mazow

Mr. Raymond A. McGarrigle and
   Ms. Karen Conlin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. McGill III

Terence McInerney

Maureen and James Mellowes

Soo Sung and Robert Merli

Karen and Brad Meslin

Steven and Michele Mestman

Judy and Richard J. Miller

Michael and Annette Miller

Robert and Jane Morse

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Moynihan , Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mucci

Anne J. Neilson

Avi Nelson

Linda and Stuart Nelson

Cornelia G. Nichols

Rosalie and I. MacArthur Nickles

Judge Arthur Nims

Mr. and Mrs. A. Davis Noble, Jr.

Ms. Cynthia Noe and Mr. Charles Grice

Kathleen and Richard Norman

Mrs. Lawrence A. Norton

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Geoffrey Nunes

Jan Nyquist and David Harding

David and Deborah Odeh

Christine Olsen and Robert Small

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O'Neil

Martin and Helene Oppenheimer

Drs. Roslyn W. and Stuart H. Orkin

Dr. William S. Packard and
 Dr. Charles L. Ihlenfeld

Jon and Deborah Papps

Peter Parker and Susan Clare

Richard and Stephanie Parker

Joyce and Bruce Pastor

Mr. Kenneth Patterson

Michael and Frances Payne

Kitty Pechet

Mr. Edward Perry and Ms. Cynthia Wood

Mr. and Ms. Doug Pettingell

Susan J. Pharr and Robert C. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Philopoulos

Ms. Marie Pindus

Mr. Edward Pinkus

Mr. Steven Pittman

Letty Cottin Pogrebin and Bert Pogrebin

Mitch J. Pomerance

Elizabeth F. Potter and Joseph L. Bower

Dr. Tina Young Poussaint and
   Dr. Alvin Poussaint

Mandy and Robert Preyer

Mr. John Prior

Jane M. Rabb

Sumit Rajpal and Deepali Desai

Helen and Peter Randolph

Robert and Ruth Remis

Dr. and Mrs. George B. Reservitz

Burton and Marjorie Resnic

Ms. Pamela Reznick

Kennedy P. and Susan M. Richardson

Margaret and Fred Richardson

Dorothy B. and Owen W. Robbins

Ms. Mona Roberts and Mr. Malcolm Roberts

Adrianne E. Rogers

Mr. Daniel L. Romanow and
   Mr. B. Andrew Zelermyer

Donald and Abby Rosenfeld

Francine Rosenzweig and David Davidson

Arnold Roy

Alex Rozek and Sarah Krueger

Barbara Rubin

Thomas and Kim Ruffing

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scheck

Carol Scheman and David Korn

Betty and Pieter Schiller

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Schorr

David and Rosalie Schottenfeld

Heidi and Robert Schwartz

Jane and Marty Schwartz

Betsey and Mark Selkowitz

Natalie and Howard Shawn

Dr. William D. and Laura Shea

Jackie Sheinberg and Jay Morganstern

Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Sherbrooke

Theodore and Barbara Shiffman

Linda and Marc Silver,
   in loving memory of Marion,
   Sidney and Daniel Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Simon

Florence and Warren Sinsheimer

Anne Smith and John Goodhue

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Somogie

Kitte ‡ and Michael Sporn

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Spound

George ‡ and Lee Sprague

In honor of Ray and Maria Stata

Tracey and Elliott Stein

Margery and Lewis Steinberg

Shirley and Al Steiner

Nancy F. Steinmann

Valerie and John ‡ Stelling

Milton Steren

Mrs. Edward A. Stettner

John Stevens and Virginia McIntyre

Fredericka and Howard Stevenson

Campbell and Gay ‡ Steward

Anthony and Kumiko Strauss

Louise and Joseph Swiniarski

Marcy Syms

Jeanne and John Talbourdet

Patricia L. Tambone

Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Targum

Jodi and Paul Tartell

Ingrid and Richard Taylor

Judith Ogden Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Tobin

Philip C. Trackman

Jonathan and Shari Turell

Jack Turner and Tee Taggart

Donald Usher and William E. Briggs

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. John H. Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. Eric VanDusen

Mrs. Phyllis Vineyard

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Walker

Kae and Ben Wallace

William Wallace

Marilyn and Ron Walter

Donald and Susan Ware

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Warshaw

Betty and Ed Weisberger

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Weiss

Ellen B. Widmer

Howard and Karen Wilcox

Elizabeth H. Wilson

Mr. Robert R. and Mrs. Sharyn B. Wilson

Lynn Carlson and Prescott Winter

Susan Ellen Wolf

Chip and Jean Wood

The Workman Family

Dr. Thomas and Barbara Wright

Jean Yeager

Shirley and Ira ‡ Yohalem

Cheryl and Michael Zaccaro

Xiaohua Zhang

Anonymous (12)

$2,500 – $2,999

Ms. Sandra S. Baron and 
   Mr. Gregory Diskant

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Burgin

Mr. and Mrs. Yumin Choi

Priscilla Endicott

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fink

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Gardiner

Jody and Tom Gill

Mr. Herbert H. Gowen II

Mrs. Winifred P. Gray

Ms. Kate R. Guedj

Mr. and Mrs. Blair E. Hendrix

Mrs. Gwendolyn Jensen


Dr. Jeffrey A. Levy and
   Ms. Della A. Gilson-Levy

Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. London

Mr. Anthony S. Lucas

Renee Rapaporte

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ronthal

The Silman Family

Mr. Theodore S. Sims and Ms. Linda T. Bui

Mr. Daniel E. Stoller

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Uhrig

Susan Sprague Walters and Richard Walters

Ms. Jacqueline J. Waxlax

Anonymous (2)


The Boston Symphony Orchestra is grateful to the donors below who contributed generously through new outright gifts, irrevocable deferred gifts (face value), pledges, and pledge payments to unrestricted and capital projects, endowment, Tanglewood Forever, the Tanglewood Horticulture Challenge, and Symphony Hall Forever. During the period between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018, the following individual donors or estates made gifts to the BSO totaling $2,500 or more.

$1,000,000 AND ABOVE

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Behrakis

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Congleton ‡

Sally ‡ and Michael Gordon

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Stephen B. Kay and Lisbeth L. Tarlow/
   The Aquidneck Foundation


Linde Family Foundation

Cecile Higginson Murphy

Drs. Christoph and Sylvia Westphal

$500,000 - $999,999

Liliana and Hillel Bachrach

Thomas and Winifred Faust


Chip Hartranft

$250,000 - $499,999

Lloyd Axelrod, M.D.

Gregory E. Bulger Foundation/
   Gregory Bulger & Richard Dix

Cynthia and Oliver Curme/
   The Lost & Foundation, Inc.

Estate of Warren Hassmer

Nathan and Marilyn Hayward

Carol and George Jacobstein


Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund

Joseph C. McNay,
   The New England Foundation

Dr. Martin C. Mihm, Jr.

Ms. Lorraine Vekens

Samantha and John Williams

Anonymous (2)

$100,000 - $249,999

Robert and Elana Baum

Stewart and Judith Colton

Deborah and Philip Edmundson

The Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick Trust

Leslie and Stephen Jerome

The Rita J. And Stanley H. Kaplan
   Family Foundation;
   Nancy and Mark Belsky,
   Susan B. Kaplan,
   Scott and Gila Belsky

Tom Kuo and Alexandra DeLaite

Charles McClane Leftwich,
   Gail Leftwich Kitch, and
   Edmund W. Kitch

Nancy and Richard Lubin

Carmine A. and Beth V. Martignetti


The Messinger Family

Estate of Robert and Polly Middleton

Estate of Marjorie D. Moerschner

Nancy and Jay Nichols

Plimpton-Shattuck Fund

Mary Ann and Bruno A. Quinson

Suzanne and Burton ‡ Rubin

Estate of Alice M. Seelinger

Sunrise Charitable Foundation Trust

Caroline and James Taylor

Marillyn Zacharis

Brooks and Linda Zug

Anonymous (3)

$50,000 - $99,999

Helaine B. Allen

Estate of Ben and Barbara Beyea

Hildi and Walter Black

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Blumenthal

William David Brohn ‡

Bonnie and Terry Burman

Eleanor L. and Levin H. Campbell

Dr. Charles L. Cooney and Ms. Peggy Reiser

Albert A. Holman III and Susan P. Stickells

Margery and Everett Jassy

Shirley and William Lehman


Geri and Roy Liemer

Estate of Vincent Mauricci

National Endowment for the Humanities

Estate of John David Ober

Carol Parrish and Paul Clark

Janet and Irv Plotkin

Estate of Ann and Richard Prouty

Hon. Susan Phillips Read

Ruth McCormick Tankersley Charitable Trust

Alex and Patricia Vance


$25,000 - $49,999

Ms. Sandra B. Roberts

William E. Briggs and the Briggs Family

Drs. Andrea and Brad Buchbinder

The Cavanagh Family

Dr. William T. Curry, Jr. and
   Ms. Rebecca Nordhaus

Estate of Richard R. Davenport

Drs. Anna L. and Peter B. Davol

William and Deborah Elfers

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Gilbert

Estate of Margaret M. Grant

Charles and Carol Grossman Family Fund

Kingsbury Road Charitable Foundation


Elizabeth W. and John M. Loder

Estate of Edith H. Overly

Estate of Julian and Marcia Podell

Jordan S. Ruboy, M.D. ‡ and
   Richard S. Milstein, Esq.

Kenan and Andrea Sahin

Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation

Arlene and Donald Shapiro

Mrs. Adrienne Silverstein

John Lowell Thorndike

Mr. Donald L. Usher

Karen Thomas Wilcox

Anonymous (2)

$10,000 - $24,999

Virginia Simpson Aisner and James E. Aisner

Lois and Harlan Anderson 

Gideon Argov and Alexandra Fuchs

Phyllis and Paul Berz

Carol and Robert Braun

The Bressler Family Foundation

Judy and Simeon Brinberg

Susan and Joel Cartun

Ronald G. and Ronni J. ‡ Casty

Prudence and William Crozier

Mrs. Susan Denison

The Dante Dieso Foundation Trust

Joanne and Jerry Dreher

Linda Dulye,
   in honor of Ann Dulye

Beth and Richard Fentin

Myra and Raymond ‡ Friedman

Marion Gardner-Saxe and Leonard Saxe

Dr. and Mrs. Levi A. Garraway

Estate of Robert P. Giddings

Estate of Claire Goldman

Ina and Haskell Gordon Charitable Trust

Paul and Carmela Haklisch

Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Henry

Estate of Philip F. May

Jerry and Mary ‡ Nelson

Drs. James and Eleanor Herzog


Estate of George F. and Elsie B. Hodder

Richard Holland and Cathy Birkhahn, 
   in memory of Lila Holland

Mrs. Anita Ruthling Klaussen

Estate of George Kury and L. Rev-Kury

Estate of Richard Van S. Lenk

Estate of Vincent J. and Gerry Lesunaitis

Hinda and Arthur Marcus

Jay and Shirley Marks

Jane B. and Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monts

Mr. Robert F. Paladino

Ms. Cathy Papoulias-Sakellaris

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Parker

The Richard and Ann J. Prouty Foundation

John S. and Cynthia Reed

Mr. and Ms. Frederick J. Rich

Estate of Mabel C. Richardson

Dr. Robin S. Richman and Dr. Bruce Auerbach

Mr. Graham Robinson and Dr. Jeanne Yu

Dan Schrager and Ellen Gaies

Estate of Avrum Silverman

Mark and Martha Volpe

Estate of Dennis and Jennifer C. Ward

Mrs. Constance V.R. White

Estate of Leslie and Elizabeth Wilson

$5,000 - $9,999

Leah Barber

Roz and Wally Bernheimer

Joan P. and Ronald C. Curhan

Nancy and Peter Finn

Miss Elaine Foster

David H. and Karen L. Gaylin

Jackie and Larry Horn

G. Lee and Diana Y. Humphrey

Ms. Susan L. Johnson

Estate of Benjamin and Ethel Kaplan


Howard and Michele Kessler

Susan G. Kohn

Frederick M. Lawton ‡

Edward E. MacCrone Private Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Moore

Estate of Mrs. Irene R. Radlo

Pearl Schottenfeld

Ms. Kate Wallace

Ron and Vicki Weiner

$2,500 - $4,999

Stephen Barrow and Janis Manley-Barrow

Estate of Mr. Michael J. Buonsanto

Lynn Dale and Frank Wisneski

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel de Bragança

Mrs. Harriett M. Eckstein

Mr. Daniel Evans

Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton

Estate of Edith Hertz

Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc.

Elizabeth and William Leatherman


Mr. D. L. Macdonald

Mr. Will G. Makris and Mr. Doug Reed

Ms. Grace I. Mattes

Ann Merrifield and Wayne Davis

Steve and Andrea Ryan

Ms. Elizabeth N. Starr

Ingrid and Richard Taylor

Estate of Kenneth R. Wadleigh

Marilyn and Ron Walter

Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner


The support provided by members of the corporate community, foundation grantors, and government agencies enables the Boston Symphony Orchestra to maintain an unparalleled level of artistic excellence, to keep ticket prices at accessible levels, and to support extensive education and community engagement. The BSO gratefully acknowledges the following partners and contributors for their generous support during the 2017-18 season.

$500,000 AND ABOVE


Eaton Vance
   Thomas E. Faust, Jr.


Fidelity Investments

$250,000 - $499,999

American Airlines
   Jim Carter

Bank of America
   Anne M. Finucane
   Miceal Chamberlain


Fairmont Copley Plaza
   George Terpilowski

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited
   Andrew Plump

$100,000 - $249,999

Arbella Insurance Foundation
   and Arbella Insurance Group
   John F. Donohue

Commonwealth Worldwide
   Executive Transportation
   Dawson Rutter

Delta Air Lines
   Charlie Schewe


David G. Mugar

The Nancy Foss Heath and
   Richard B. Heath Educational,
   Cultural and Environmental Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

$50,000 - $99,999

Citizens Bank
   Stephen T. Gannon

Dick and Ann Marie Connolly

Eversource Energy
   James J. Judge

Fromm Music Foundation

   Regina M. Pisa

The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation

Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation
   Peter Palandjian


Massachusetts Cultural Council

Joseph C. McNay,
   The New England Foundation

New England Audi Dealers

Perspecta Trust, LLC
   Paul M. Montrone

Putnam Investments
   Robert L. Reynolds

Miriam Shaw Fund

   John F. Fish

$25,000 - $49,999

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.

   Richard P. Clark
   Christine Disco

Adage Capital Management,
   Michelle and Bob Atchinson

Anbaric Holding LLC
   Edward N. Krapels

Josh and Anita Bekenstein

Boston Foundation

Connell Limited Partnership
   Margot C. Connell
   Frank A. Doyle

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

Encore Boston Harbor
   Bob DeSalvio

   William F. Achtmeyer

Farley White Interests
   Roger W. Altreuter
   John F. Power

Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden Foundation

Gerondelis Foundation

The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Goldman Sachs
   Matt Gibson


Grew Family Charitable Foundation

Hemenway & Barnes LLP
   Kurt F. Somerville

Gerald L. Jordan Foundation
   Jerry and Darlene Jordan

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
   Daniel J. Curtin

Kingsbury Road Charitable Foundation

Liberty Mutual Insurance
   David H. Long


Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
   Lisa Barton
   Steven C. Browne
   Catherine Curtin

Quanta Services
   Ben Bosco

Waters Corporation
   Chris O'Connell

Edwin S. Webster Foundation

Wilmington Trust,
   Part of the M&T Bank Family
   Christopher T. Casey

Yawkey Foundation

$15,000 - $24,999


Analog Devices, Inc.
   Vince Roche

Arthur J. Hurley Company, Inc.
   Matthew Hurley

Asplundh/Asplundh Construction/
   American Electrical Testing

   John Lange

Bicon, LLC
   Vincent J. Morgan, D.M.D.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
   Andrew Dreyfus

Boston Red Sox
   Sam Kennedy

Boston Seed Capital, LLC
   Nicole Maria Stata

Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
   Gregory J. Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. James S. DiStasio

E.M. Duggan, Inc.
   Len Monfredo

   Bill Yardley

Feeney Brothers Utility Services
   Brendan Feeney
   Greg Feeney

Steve and Betty Gannon

High Output, Inc.

Hill Holliday
   Karen Kaplan


Hunton Andrews Kurth
   Walfrido Martinez

J.P. Marvel Investment Advisors, Inc.
   Joseph F. Patton, Jr.

Keegan Werlin LLP
   Cheryl Kimball

Roger and Myrna Landay
   Charitable Foundation


   Howard Messing

Needham Bank
   Joseph P. Campanelli

New Balance Foundation
   Anne and Jim Davis

The Alice Ward Fund
   of The Rhode Island Foundation

Rose Brand—Carol and George Jacobstein

Saquish Foundation

Maria and Ray Stata

Stonegate Group LLC

Stonehill College
   Rev. John Denning, C.S.C.

The Summer Fund

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Willis Towers Watson
   Michael A. McShane


$10,000 - $14,999

Abrams Capital
   David Abrams

Advent International
   Peter A. Brooke

Albrecht Auto Group
   George T. Albrecht, Sr.

Berkshire Partners LLC

Boston Properties, Inc.
   Douglas T. Linde

Dennis and Kimberly Burns

Cabot Corporation
   Martin O'Neill

Cambridge Trust
   Mark Thompson

Charles River Laboratories, Inc. 
   James C. Foster

Eileen and Jack Connors, Jr.

Elliott Management Corporation
   Paul E. Singer

   Jane C. Steinmetz

FTI Consulting
   Stephen J. Burlone

   Patrick Veal

H. Carr & Sons, Inc.
   James Carr

John Hancock Financial
   Marrianne Harrison

John Moriarty & Associates, Inc.
   John Moriarty
   David Leathers

Jim and Mary Judge

JWR Advisors, LLC
   Jim Rappaport

Kaufman & Company, LLC
   Sumner Kaufman


Ted and Debbie Kelly/The Kelly Family Foundation

The Kraft Family/
   New England Patriots Charitable Foundation

Liberty Mutual Group/Ironshore
   Kevin H. Kelley

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky
   and Popeo, P.C.
   and ML Strategies, LLC
   R. Robert Popeo, Esq.

Natixis Investment Managers
   David Giunta

Navigator Management
   Thomas M. O'Neill

New England Development
   Stephen R. Karp

Northwood Investors 
   John Kukral

Lee and Bernadette Olivier

Abraham Perlman Foundation

   John D. Farina

Billy Rose Foundation

Silicon Valley Bank
   Pamela Aldsworth

The Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation

Peter and Catherine Smyth

Strategic Benefit Advisors
   Mark Abate

TA Realty
   Michael Ruane

Tetlow Realty Associates, Inc.
   Paul B. Gilbert

The TJX Companies, Inc.
   Carol Meyrowitz

Linda and Daniel Waintrup

Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.
   Wayne J. Griffin

$5,000 - $9,999

Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation

Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C.

The Amphion Foundation, Inc.

Amuleto Mexican Table

Anne Bailey and Roger Berman

The Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc.

BJ's Wholesale Club

Blake & Blake Genealogists

Boston Area Mercedes-Benz Dealers

The Boston Globe

Boston Private

The Cambridge Homes

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP


CIBC Private Wealth Management

Clough Capital Partners, LP

Colliers International

RoAnn Costin

John and Diddy Cullinane

Cushman & Wakefield

Cutler Associates, Inc.

D.C. Beane and Associates
   Construction Company

Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP

Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation

Demoulas Foundation

Francie and Bob DeSalvio

Ergonomic Group, Inc.

The Fuller Foundation

Gaston Dufresne Foundation

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

The Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation

The Highland Street Foundation/
   Holly and David Bruce/Sean McGrath



Jack Madden Ford

Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.

Leggat McCall Properties

Locke Lord LLP

John and Rose Mahoney

Massachusetts High Technology Council, Inc.

Lucia B. Morrill Charitable Foundation

The E. Nakamichi Foundation

Neighborhood Health Plan

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

Joe and Kathy O'Donnell

Prince Street Capital Management

Riemer & Braunstein LLP

Roffi Salon & Day Spa

Ropes & Gray LLP

Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo
   Family Fund

S&F Concrete Contractors, Inc.

William E. and Bertha E. Schrafft
   Charitable Trust

Senator Investment Group

Shawmut Design and Construction

Siena Construction

Signature Printing & Consulting,
   Woburn, MA

Katherine Chapman Stemberg

Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation

The Studley Press, Inc.

Edward A. Taft Trust


Walsh Brothers


Stetson Whitcher Fund

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.


$2,500 - $4,999

Alice Willard Dorr Foundation

Allied Printing Services, Inc.

Aqueduct Technologies, Inc.

Asia Alternatives

Audible, Inc.

Bond Brothers, Inc.

Brookline Youth Concerts Fund

Carleton-Willard Village

Complete Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Katharine L.W. and Winthrop M. Crane,
   3D Charitable Foundation

The Drew Company, Inc.

Elizabeth Grant Fund

Elizabeth Grant Trust

F3 Technology Partners, LLC

Fire Equipment, Inc.

Margaret Foley

Fowler Printing & Graphics


G&C Concrete Construction, Inc.

Gate City Electric

Jackson and Irene Golden 1989
   Charitable Trust

JK Glass Co., Inc.

Murtha Cullina


Oxford Fund, Inc.

Peak Event Services

Republic Services

Rockland Trust

Sametz Blackstone Associates

Vedder Price

Verrill Dana

Welch & Forbes, LLC

Frederica M. Williams

Anonymous (2)

Through the generosity and forethought of many BSO friends and patrons, the following funds have been established within the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s pooled endowment with a principal value of $100,000 or more as of August 31, 2018. The income generated from these funds each year provides vital support to a wide array of programs that are central to the mission of the BSO.

George W. and Florence N. Adams
   Memorial Concert Fund

Eunice Alberts and Adelle Alberts
   Vocal Studies Fellowship Fund

Vernon and Marion Alden Chair Fund

Helaine B. Allen and Berenson Foundation
   Youth Concerts Fund

Helaine B. Allen Education Directorship Fund §

Philip R. Allen Chair Fund

Lois and Harlan Anderson Chair Fund

Prof. and Mrs. Rae D. Anderson Fund

Dorothy Q. and David B. Arnold Jr. Chair Fund

Artistic Initiative Fund

Ethan Ayer Vocal Soloist Fund

Sandra and David Bakalar Chair Fund

Norman V. and Ellen B. Ballou Concert Fund

Bancroft Fund

Jane W. Bancroft Fellowship Fund

Ann S. M. Banks Chair Fund

J.P. and Mary B. Barger Chair Fund

BayBank/BankBoston Fellowship Fund

Robert L. Beal, and Enid L. and
   Bruce A. Beal Chair Fund

Beranek Chair Fund

Beranek Concert Fund

Beranek Pops Chair Fund

Theodore W. and Evelyn Berenson Family Fund

William I. Bernell Fund

Leonard Bernstein Fellowships Fund

George and Roberta Berry Fund for Tanglewood

Sydelle and Lee Blatt Fellowship Fund

James W. Boynton and Charles E. Trafton Fund §

Edward S. Brackett Jr. Fellowship Fund

Eleanor Cabot Bradley Fund

John and Jane Bradley Family Fund

Jan Brett and Joe Hearne Fellowship Fund

Joseph and Jan Brett Hearne Chair Fund

Peter A. Brooke Artistic Initiative Fund

Peter and Anne Brooke Family Chair Fund

Rosamund Sturgis Brooks Memorial
   Fellowship Fund

Mary E. Brosnan Fellowship Fund

Ruth Seaman Brush Fund

BSO General Endowment Fund §

Richard Burgin Master Teacher Chair Fund

Catherine and Paul Buttenwieser Chair Fund

John Moors Cabot Chair Fund

Virginia Wellington Cabot Concert Fund

The Helene R. Cahners-Kaplan and
   Carol R. Goldberg Endowment Fund
   for Youth Education

Calvert Trust Guest Soloist Fund

Eleanor L. and Levin H. Campbell Chair Fund

Eleanor L. Campbell Organ Maintenance Fund

Elliott Carter Memorial Composer Fellowship Fund

Richard B. Carter Fund

Ronald G. and Ronni J. Casty Chair Fund

James F. and Barbara Cleary Pops Fund

Clowes Fund Fellowship Fund

George H. A. Clowes, Jr. Fund

Phyllis and Lee Coffey Memorial Concert Fund

John F. Cogan, Jr. and Mary L. Cornille Chair Fund

Eunice and Julian Cohen Managing
   Directorship Fund

Eunice and Julian Cohen Pops Chair Fund

Julian and Eunice Cohen Boston Pops Conductor
   Chair Fund

Forrest Foster Collier Fund

Harold G. Colt Jr. Memorial Fellowship Fund

Judith and Stewart Colton Fund §

Commissioning New Works Fund

Confortes Concert Fund

Caroline Grosvenor Congdon
   Memorial Fellowship Fund

Margaret Andersen Congleton Chair Fund

William H. Congleton Fund

William H. and Margaret A. Congleton
   Concert Fund §

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Connell Pops Chair Fund

Ford H. Cooper Chair Fund

Aaron Copland Fund for Music

Margaret Lee Crofts Concert Fund

Margaret Lee Crofts Fellowship Fund

Margaret Lee Crofts TMC Fund

Charles E. Culpeper Foundation Fellowship Fund

Charles E. Culpeper Foundation
   Master Teacher Chair Fund

Eleanor Naylor Dana Visiting Artists Fund

Darling Family Fellowship Fund

Deborah B. and Michael H. Davis Pops Chair Fund

Stanton W. and Elisabeth K. Davis Chair Fund

de Bragança Family Fund for
   Education and Community Engagement

Paul F. and Lori A. Deninger DARTS
   Scholarship Fund

Charles and JoAnne Dickinson Fund

Harry Ellis Dickson Fund for Youth Concerts

Nina L. and Eugene B. Doggett Fund

Harry and Marion Dubbs Fellowship Fund

Raymond J. Dulye Berkshire Music Education Fund

Alan J. and Suzanne W. Dworsky Fund
   for Voice and Chorus

Akiko Shiraki Dynner Memorial Fellowship Fund

Harriett Eckstein New Commissions Fund §

Otto Eckstein Family Fellowship Fund

Elfers Fund for Performing Artists
   established in honor of Deborah Bennett Elfers §

Archie Epps Memorial Fund

John P. II and Nancy S. Eustis Chair Fund

Fahnestock Fund

Shirley and J. Richard Fennell Chair Fund

Arthur Fiedler Esplanade Concerts Fund
   of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc.

Irving Fine Tanglewood Music Center Endowed Fund

Anna E. Finnerty Chair Fund

Vic Firth Master Teacher Chair Fund,
   endowed by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wheeler

Erna V. Fisher Trust Fund

Honorable and Mrs. John H. Fitzpatrick Fund

Allyn B. Forbes Memorial Fund

Daniel and Shirlee Cohen Freed Concert Fund

Friends of Armenian Culture Society
   Fellowship Fund

Judy Gardiner Fellowship Fund

Merwin Geffen, M.D. and Norman Solomon, M.D.
   Fellowship Fund

Merwin Geffen, M.D. and Norman Solomon, M.D.
   New Commissions Fund

Juliet Esselborn Geier Memorial Fellowship Fund  §

Arthur and Linda Gelb Fund

Germeshausen Family Youth Concerts
   Conductor’s Chair Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Germeshausen
   Youth Concert Fund

Robert P. Giddings Fund §

Fernand Gillet Memorial Fellowship Fund

Marie L. Audet and Fernand Gillet Concert Fund

Marie Gillet Fellowship Fund

Haskell and Ina Gordon Fellowship Fund §

Mary Rousmaniere Gordon Carnegie Hall
   Guest Artist Fund

Michael and Sally Gordon Fellowship Fund

Sophia and Bernard Gordon Chair Fund

Florence Gould Foundation Fellowship Fund

Grace Cornell Graff Fellowship Fund for Composers
   at the Tanglewood Music Center

John and Susanne Grandin Fellowship Fund

Adele and John Gray Memorial Fellowship Fund

Marion A. Green Fund

William and Mary Greve Foundation-
   John J. Tommaney Memorial Fellowship Fund

Edgar and Shirley Grossman Fund

Margaret L. and Robert G. Hargrove Fund

Goin Neil and Anne Yost Harper Fund

Hatsopoulos Family Fund

William Randolph Hearst Foundation
   Fellowship Fund

Donald C. and Ruth Brooks Heath Chair Fund

Henry Lee Higginson Fund,
   established by Cecile Higginson Murphy

George F. and Elsie Barnard Hodder Fund §

Harold D. Hodgkinson Chair Fund

Emily Hood Fund

Barbara and Amos Hostetter Fund §

David H. and Edith C. Howie Chair Fund

Rosemary and Donald Hudson Fund

Valerie and Allen Hyman Family Fellowship Fund

Paul Jacobs Memorial Commissions Fund

Paul Jacobs Memorial Fellowship Fund

Lola and Edwin Jaffe Fellowship Fund

Billy Joel Keyboard Fellowship Fund

Blanche and George Jones Fund §

Susan B. Kaplan Fellowship Fund

Steve and Nan Kay Fellowship Fund

Thomas J. Keenan, M.D. Fund

Priscilla P. Kidder Fund

Gordon and Mary Ford Kingsley Family Fund

Robert and Luise Kleinberg Fellowship Fund

Dr. John Knowles Fellowship Fund

Audrey Noreen Koller Fund

David and Ingrid Kosowsky Fund

Myra and Robert Kraft Chair Fund

Louis Krasner Fund
   for Inspirational Teaching and Performance,
   established by Marilyn Brachman Hoffman

Arthur and Barbara Kravitz Fellowship Fund

Arthur and Barbara Kravitz Youth Education Fund

Farla and Harvey Chet Krentzman Chair Fund

Naomi and Phillip Kruvant Family Fellowship Fund

LaCroix Family Fund

Barbara LaMont Master Teacher Chair Fund

George and Germaine Laurent Fund

Donald Law Fellowship Fund

Dr. Lewis R. and Florence W. Lawrence
   Tanglewood Fellowship Fund

Barbara Lee Chair Fund,
   funded by the Barbara Lee and
   Raymond E. Lee Foundation

Barbara Lee/Raymond E. Lee Foundation
   Fellowship Fund

Leith Family Chair Fund

Bill and Barbara Leith Fellowship Fund

Lepofsky Family Educational Initiative Fund

Marian Gray Lewis Chair Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Linde Chair Fund

Edward and Joyce Linde Fellowship Fund

Edwin and Elaine London Family Fellowship Fund

Caleb Loring Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy, Jr. Fund

Nancy and Richard Lubin Chair Fund

Kathryn H. and Edward M. Lupean Chair Fund

Peter Andrew Lurie Chair Fund

John D. and Vera M. MacDonald Chair Fund

John A. and Sarah C.C. MacLeod Fund

Arno and Maria Maris Student Memorial
   Fellowship Fund

Harry L. and Nancy Lurie Marks
   Tanglewood Artist-in-Residence Fund

Evelyn and C. Charles Marran Chair Fund

Stephanie Morris Marryott and Franklin J. Marryott
   Fellowship Fund

Stephanie Morris Marryott and Franklin J. Marryott

Fannie Peabody Mason Memorial Concert Fund

David L. McClelland Fund

Joseph F. McCrindle Fund

McGrath Family Pops Chair Fund

Charlotte Spohrer McKenzie Pops Guest
   Pianist Fund

Joseph C. and Beth McNay Fund

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund

Merrill Lynch Fellowship Fund

Messinger Family Fellowship Fund §

Lillian and Nathan R. Miller Fund

Nathan R. Miller Family Guest Artist Fund

Richard S. Milstein, Esq. and Jordan S. Ruboy, M.D.
   Fund for Education and Community
   Engagement §

Charles L. Moore Fund

Morse Family Youth Concert Fund

Richard and Claire Morse Rush Ticket Fund

Cecile Higginson Murphy Pops Programming Fund §

Evelyn Stefansson Nef Fund for Tanglewood

Mary W. Nelson Concert Fund §

Robert Bradford Newman Chair Fund

NGF 2005 Endowed Fund

NGF TMC Endowment Fund

Albert L. and Elizabeth P. Nickerson
   Fellowship Fund

Mischa Nieland Fund

Northern California TMC Audition Fund

O'Block Family Fund

Hamilton Osgood Fund
   for Education and Community Engagement §

Hamilton Osgood Fund for Guest Artists

Eloise and Raymond H. Ostrander Fund

Seiji Ozawa Fellowship Fund

Richard C. and Ellen E. Paine Chair Fund

Bessie Pappas Fund

Donald and Laurie Peck Master Teacher Fund

Perles Family Foundation

Polly and Dan Pierce Guest Artist Fund

Walter Piston Chair Fund

Pokross/Curhan/Wasserman Endowment Fund
   for the BSO Archives §

Lia and William Poorvu Chair Fund

Beatrice Sterling Procter Master Teacher Chair Fund

Claire and Millard Pryor Fellowship Fund

Charlotte F. and Irving W. Rabb Chair Fund

Irving W. and Charlotte F. Rabb
   Symphony Hall Tours Fund

Samuel Rapaporte, Jr. Family Foundation
   Fellowship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Rebentisch Fund

Mildred B. Remis Chair Fund

Vladimir Resnikoff Fund

Peggy Rockefeller Memorial Fellowship Fund

Edward and Bertha C. Rose Chair Fund

Elaine and Jerome Rosenfeld Fund

Margaret and William C. Rousseau Chair Fund

Carolyn and George R. Rowland Fellowship Fund

Carolyn and George Rowland Fund

Angelica L. Russell Fund

Angelica Lloyd Russell Youth Education Fund §

Sana H. and Hasib J. Sabbagh
   Master Teacher Chair Fund

Mary B. Saltonstall Chair Fund

Wilhelmina C. Sandwen Memorial Fellowship Fund §

Morris A. Schapiro Fellowship Fund

Carl Schoenhof Family Chair Fund

Lynda Schubert Fund

Kristin and Roger Servison Chair Fund

Esther S. and Joseph M. Shapiro Fund

Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Chair Fund

Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton Fund

Dr. Richard M. Shiff Fellowship Fund

Dr. Richard M. Shiff Fund

Dorothy Troupin Shimler Fund

Willona Henderson Sinclair Fund

Helen Sagoff Slosberg/Edna S. Kalman Chair Fund

Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Fund

Starr Foundation Fellowship Fund

Maria Nistazos Stata Chair Fund

Ray and Maria Stata Music Directorship Fund

Thomas Stemberg Fund

Anna Sternberg and Clara J. Marum Fellowship Fund

Theresa M. and Charles F. Stone, III Fund

Anne Stoneman Chair Fund

Miriam H. and S. Sidney Stoneman Fellowships Fund

Miriam H. and S. Sidney Stoneman Fund
   for Youth Activities

Elizabeth B. Storer Chair Fund

Surdna Foundation Master Teacher Chair Fund

Symphony Hall Forever Fund §

Nathan B. and Anne P. Talbot Fund

Tanglewood Campus Fund

Tanglewood Forever Fund

Tanglewood General Endowment Fund §

Tanglewood Music Center Composition
   Program Fund

Tanglewood Music Center Opera Fund

James and Caroline Taylor Fellowship Fund

Helen Rand Thayer Chair Fund

William F. and Juliana W. Thompson Fellowship Fund

John Lowell Thorndike Archives Fund §

John Lowell Thorndike Performance Fund

Denis and Diana Osgood Tottenham
   Fellowship Fund

Diana Osgood Tottenham/Hamilton Osgood
   Chair Fund

TUP Fellowship Fund in Honor of Bob Rosenblatt

Roger Louis Voisin Chair Fund

Madelaine G. von Weber Fund

Wallace Foundation Fund

Stephen and Dorothy Weber
   Artist-in-Residence Fund

Stephen and Dorothy Weber Chair Fund

Stephen and Dorothy Weber Fellowship Fund

Jane de P. and Edwin S. Webster Fund

Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner Pops Chair Fund

Sylvia Shippen Wells Chair Fund

The Helen F. Whitaker Fund

John Williams Fund

John and Dorothy Wilson Chair Fund

Cornelius A. and Muriel P. Wood Fund

Patricia Plum Wylde Fellowship Fund

Nicholas T. Zervas Fund

Avedis Zildjian Fellowship Fund,
   in honor of Vic Firth

Helen and Josef Zimbler Fund

Jerome Zipkin Fellowship Fund

Brooks and Linda Zug Fund §

Anonymous (3) §

§ Denotes funds added to principal in FY2018

The Boston Symphony Orchestra honors each of the following generous donors whose cumulative giving to the BSO is $1 million or more with the designation of Great Benefactor.


Julian Cohen 

Fidelity Investments

Sally ‡ and Michael Gordon


Linde Family Foundation

Maria and Ray Stata



Bank of America

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Behrakis

John F. Cogan, Jr. and Mary L. Cornille


Cynthia and Oliver Curme/
   The Lost & Foundation, Inc.

EMC Corporation


Alli and Bill Achtmeyer

Catherine and Paul Buttenwieser

Alan J. and Suzanne W. Dworsky

Fairmont Copley Plaza

Germeshausen Foundation

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Ted and Debbie Kelly


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Cecile Higginson Murphy

NEC Corporation

Megan and Robert O’Block


Stephen and Dorothy Weber


Mary and J. P. Barger

Gabriella and Leo  Beranek

Roberta and George  Berry


Peter and Anne  Brooke

Eleanor L. and Levin H. Campbell

Chiles Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Congleton 

Mara E. Dole 

Eaton Vance Corporation

Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick 

Susan Morse Hilles 

Dorothy and Charlie Jenkins/
   The Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation

Stephen B. Kay and Lisbeth L. Tarlow/
   The Aquidneck Foundation

The Kresge Foundation

Lizbeth and George Krupp

Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.


Kate and Al  Merck

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Montrone

National Endowment for the Arts

Mrs. Mischa Nieland  and
   Dr. Michael L. Nieland

William and Lia Poorvu

John S. and Cynthia Reed

Carol and Joe Reich

Kristin and Roger Servison

Miriam Shaw Fund

State Street Corporation and
   State Street Foundation

Thomas G. Stemberg 

Miriam and Sidney Stoneman 

Elizabeth B. Storer 

Caroline and James Taylor

Samantha and John Williams

Anonymous (3)


Helaine B. Allen

American Airlines

Lois and Harlan Anderson 

Mariann Berg (Hundahl) Appley

Arbella Insurance Foundation and
   Arbella Insurance Group

Dorothy and David B. Arnold, Jr. 


Caroline Dwight Bain 

William I. Bernell 

BNY Mellon

The Boston Foundation

Lorraine D. and Alan S.  Bressler

Jan Brett and Joseph Hearne

Gregory E. Bulger Foundation/
   Gregory Bulger and Richard Dix

Ronald G. and Ronni J. ‡ Casty

Commonwealth Worldwide
   Executive Transportation

William F. Connell  and Family

Dick and Ann Marie Connolly

Country Curtains

Diddy and John Cullinane

Edith L. and Lewis S.  Dabney

Elisabeth K. and Stanton W. Davis 

Mary Deland R. DeBeaumont 

Delta Air Lines

Bob and Happy Doran

Hermine Drezner and Jan  Winkler

Alan and Lisa Dynner and Akiko  Dynner

Deborah and Philip Edmundson

William and Deborah Elfers

Elizabeth B. Ely 

Nancy S. and John P. Eustis II 

Thomas and Winifred Faust

Shirley and Richard Fennell

Anna E. Finnerty 

John and Cyndy Fish

Fromm Music Foundation

The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Marie L. Gillet 

Sophia and Bernard Gordon

Nathan and Marilyn Hayward

Mrs. Donald C. Heath 

Francis Lee Higginson 

Major Henry Lee Higginson 

John Hitchcock 

Edith C. Howie 

John Hancock Financial

Muriel E. and Richard L. Kaye 


Nancy D. and George H.  Kidder

Kingsbury Road Charitable Foundation

Audrey Noreen Koller 

Farla and Harvey Chet Krentzman 

Barbara and Bill Leith 

Elizabeth W. and John M. Loder

Nancy and Richard Lubin

Vera M. and John D. MacDonald 

Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Carmine A. and Beth V. Martignetti

Jane B. and Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

The McGrath Family

Joseph C. McNay,
   The New England Foundation

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Henrietta N. Meyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Miller 

Richard P. and Claire W. Morse Foundation

William Inglis Morse Trust

Mary S. Newman 

Mr.  and Mrs. Norio Ohga

P&G Gillette

Perles Family Foundation

Polly and Dan  Pierce

Mary G. and Dwight P. Robinson, Jr. 

Susan and Dan Rothenberg 

Carole and Edward I. Rudman

Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation

Wilhemina C. (Hannaford) Sandwen 

Hannah H.  and Dr. Raymond Schneider

Carl Schoenhof Family

Ruth  and Carl J. Shapiro

Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton

Marian Skinner 

Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation/
   Richard A. and Susan F. Smith

Sony Corporation of America

Dr. Nathan B. and Anne P. Talbot 

Diana O. Tottenham

The Wallace Foundation

Edwin S. Webster Foundation

Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner

Drs. Christoph and Sylvia Westphal

The Helen F. Whitaker Fund

Robert ‡ and Roberta Winters

Helen and Josef Zimbler 

Brooks and Linda Zug

Anonymous (12)


The BSO gratefully acknowledges the following Tanglewood Business Partners who contributed $1,500 or more to support Tanglewood and Tanglewood Music Center activities during fiscal year 2018.

$25,000 AND ABOVE

Canyon Ranch in Lenox


$20,000 - $24,999

Berkshire Bank Foundation

SoCo Creamery


Viking Fuel Oil Co., Inc.

$10,000 - $19,999


The Red Lion Inn


Wheatleigh Hotel & Restaurant

$7,500 - $9,999

Daniel and Carole Burack

Christopher and Violet Eagan


Myriad Productions

Port Asylum/Gabriel Kaufman, M.D.

$5,000 - $7,499

Abbott's Limousine & Livery Service, Inc.

Allegrone Construction Co., Inc.

Apple Tree Inn

Barrington Associates Realty Trust

Berkshire Eagle

Berkshire Holding Corporation

Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook LLP

Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club

Dresser-Hull Company


Guardian Life Insurance

Susan and Raymond Held

History of Toys Gallery

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Michael Renzi Painting Co.

Stop & Shop Supermarkets

United Group of Companies

WB Wood/Natalie & Richard Mines

$3,000 - $4,999

Edward Acker, Photographer


Barrington Brewery and Restaurant

Bell Container Corp.

Biener Audi

Big Y Supermarkets, Inc.


Blue Spark Financial

CASA B Group

Lewis R. Dan, M.D.

Ronald and Caroline Frohne

Garden Gables Inn


Gennari Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Robert and Marcy Haber

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd.

J.H. Maxymillian, Inc.

Kemble Inn/Table Six Restaurant

Linda Leffert J.D. ret.

MountainOne Financial

Stephen and Helene Sacks

Security Self Storage

David J. Tierney, Jr., Inc.

Peter D. Whitehead Builder, LLC

$1,500 - $2,999

33 Main

510 Medical Walk In

Adams Community Bank

Aladco Linen Services

Mark Albertson, D.M.D., P.A.

A-List Car Luxury Service

American Institute for Economic Research/
   American Investment Services

Applegate Inn

Arcadian Shop

Alta Restaurant

Autobahn Service

Balise Lexus

Bare Necessities

Barnbrook Realty, Inc.

Frank and Maria Battista

Bedard Brothers Auto Sales

Bella Flora

Berkshire Days Inn

The Berkshire Edge

Berkshire Fairfield Inn & Suites

Berkshire Fence

Berkshire Plaza Hotel

Berkshire Property Agents

Berkshire Wealth Advisors of Raymond James

Barry L. Beyer

Birchwood Inn

Brause Realty, Inc.

Brook Farm Inn

Café Lucia

Carr Hardware 

Chesapeake Inn of Lenox

Chocolate Springs Café

Cohen + White Associates

The Cohen Group

Marcia Smithen Cohen

Comalli Group, Inc.

The Cornell Inn

County Ambulance Service

Courtyard by Marriott Lenox

Crescent Creamery

Decumanus Green Design/Build, Inc.

Dechert LLP

Devonfield Inn

Eastover Estate and Eco-Village

edm -
   architecture | engineering | management

Electra's Café

Steve Erenburg,
   Cohen + White Associates

Eye Associates of Bucks County

Financial Planning Hawaii

Firefly Gastro Pub & Catering Co.

The Five Chairs

Foresight Land Services, Inc.

Frankie’s Ristorante Italiano

Steven and Nancy Gallant

Garden Blossoms Florist

Ricki Gardner and Will Cavanagh


Gateways Inn & Restaurant

Glad Rags

Mr. Norman Gottlieb

Great River Construction Co., Inc.

Barbara K. Greenfeld,
   Roberts & Assoc. Realty, Inc.

Guido's Fresh Marketplace

Hope Hagler, Esq.

Linda and Philip Halpern

Hampton Inn & Suites

Hampton Terrace Inn

The Haupt Tree Company, Inc.

Ed Herrington, Inc.

Hilton Garden Inn Lenox/Pittsfield

Hotel on North

Inn at Green River

Inn at Stockbridge

Johnson Ford Lincoln

Kaplan Associates L.P.

The LakeHouse Inn

Lawrence of London,
   Hairdressing and Barbering

Leprevost Plumbing,
   Heating & Cooling

Lester M. Shulklapper, Esq.

Lipton Energy

Lyon Aviation, Inc.

MacCaro Real Estate

October Mountain Financial Advisors

Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc.

Papa John's

Patten Family Foundation

Pignatelli Electric

Pilson Communications, Inc.

Quality Moving & Storage

Reed Hilderbrand

The Rookwood Inn

Dr. Robert and Esther Rosenthal

Royal Health Care Services

Rural Intelligence

Savory Harvest Catering

Schantz Galleries Contemporary Glass

Seven Hills Inn


Shear Design

Sheer & Company

Lori Signer,
   Cohen + White Associates

Specialized Audio-Visual Inc. (SAVI)


Stifel & Company

Stockbridge Risk Management

Suburban Internal Medicine

Teton Management Company

Toole Insurance Agency

Tywood Associates LLC

Mrs. Julie Weiss

Douglas J. Wooliver & Sons, Inc.

Established in 1987 and named for the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and noted musician Walter Piston, who endowed the Principal Flute Chair with a bequest, the Walter Piston Society honors those who have provided a gift for the future of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops, or Tanglewood by establishing a future bequest (i.e. through one’s will, trust, IRA, or insurance policy), or by establishing a charitable trust or gift annuity that generates income for life or a term of years.

Mark and Stephanie Abrams

Sonia S. Abrams

Ms. Suzanne Abramsky

Vernon R. Alden

John F. Allen

Rosamond Warren Allen

Ms. Nancy Amstutz

Harlan Anderson 

Mr. Matthew Anderson

Mariann Berg (Hundahl) Appley

Dorothy Arnold ‡

Dr. David M. Aronson

Miss Eleanor Babikian‡

Henry W. D. Bain

Mr. Sherwood E. Bain

Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Balsam

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Barrett

Stephen Barrow and Janis Manley-Barrow

Rose Basile

John and Molly Beard

Carol Beck

Robert Michael Beech

Alan and Judith Benjamin

Gabriella Beranek

George and Joan Berman

Roz and Wally Bernheimer

Leonard and Jane Bernstein

Roberta Berry

Mr. Roger Berube

Mrs. Stanton L. Black

Edward Boesel and Darrell Martinie ‡

Joan T. Bok

Gary F. Borla

Mr. John M. Bradley

Carol and Bob Braun

Karen M. Braun

Jan Brett and Joseph Hearne

William E. Briggs

Peter A. Brooke

Phyllis Brooks

Mrs. E. B. Brown

Ms. Lorian R. Brown

Sandra L. Brown

Dulce W. Bryan ‡

Diana L. Burgin

Bonnie and Terry Burman

Margaret A. Bush

Mrs. Winifred B. Bush

Catherine and Paul Buttenwieser

Mrs. Mary L. Cabot

Crystal Cousins Campbell

Eleanor L. and Levin H. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Castraberti

Kathleen G. and Gregory S. Clear

Barbara S. and Frederic M. Clifford

John F. Cogan, Jr. and Mary L. Cornille

Ms. Carolyn A. Cohen

Saul and Mimi Cohen

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Collias

Mrs. Abram T. Collier

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Collier

Mrs. Carol P. Côme

Dr. William G. and Patricia M. Conroy

Dr. Michael T. Corgan  and Sallie Riggs Corgan

Edwin and Myrtle Cox

Ann Denburg Cummis

Joan P. and Ronald C. Curhan

William D. Curtis

Mrs. Edith L. Dabney

Gene and Lloyd Dahmen

Eda Daniel

Peggy Daniel

Eugene M. Darling, Jr.

Mr. Nelson J. Darling, Jr.

Deborah B. Davis

Maude Sergeant Davis

Tamara P. and Charles H. Davis II

Mr. Henry B. Dewey

Richard Dixon and Douglas Rendell

Dr. Ruth Dlugi-Zamenhof and
   Dr. Robert Zamenhof

Mr. and Mrs. David Doane

Nina L. and Eugene B. Doggett

Joanne and Jerry Dreher

Henry P. Dunbar

The Rev. and Mrs. J. Bruce Duncan

Alan R. Dynner

Mrs. Harriett M. Eckstein

Ms. Marie J. Eger and Ms. Mary Jane Osborne

Ursula Ehret-Dichter

Mrs. Richard S. Emmet

Lillian K. Etmekjian

David H. Evans

Marilyn Evans

Roger and Judith Feingold

Mr. Gaffney J. Feskoe

C. Peter and Beverly A. Fischer

Doucet and Stephen Fischer

Mr. Stuart M. Fischman

David D. Foster

Elaine Foster

Dr. Joyce B. Friedman ‡

Mr. Gabor Garai and Ms. Susan Pravda

Mrs. James G. Garivaltis

David H. and Karen L. Gaylin

Drs. Michael and Anne Gershon

Prof. Joseph Gifford ‡

Mrs. Henry C. Gill, Jr. ‡

Annette and Leonard Gilman

Cora and Ted ‡ Ginsberg

Barry Glasser and Candace Baker

Mrs. Joseph Glasser

Susan Godoy

Ray Goldberg

Mr. Mark R. Goldweitz

Midge Golin

Hon. José A. Gonzalez, Jr. and
   Mary Copeland Gonzalez

Jane W. Goodwin

Mrs. Clark H. Gowen 

Jordan and Laura Green

Madeline L. Gregory

Mrs. Norman Gritz

Edmund A. Grossman

Hope Hagler

Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Hallowell, Jr.

Mr. Michael A. Halperson

Dr. Firmon E. Hardenbergh

Anne and Neil Harper

Ms. Judith Harris

Mr. Warren Hassmer ‡

Mrs. Francis W. Hatch

Ira Haupt, II

Deborah Hauser

Mr. Harold A. Hawkes

Dorothy A. Heath

Julie and Bayard Henry

Ann S. Higgins

Mr. James G. Hinkle, Jr.

Joan and Peter Hoffman

Ms. Emily C. Hood

Silka Hook

Jackie and Larry Horn

Timothy P. Horne

Wayne and Laurell Huber

Mr. and Mrs. F. Donald Hudson

Holcombe Hughes, Sr.

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Roger Hunt

Amy Hunter Maguire and Steven Maguire

Mrs. Joseph Hyman

Valerie and Allen Hyman

Patricia A. Insley

Janet S. Isenberg

Charles and Carolyn Jack

Margery and Everett Jassy

Mrs. David Jeffries

Carolyn J. Jenkins

Lloyd W. Johnson and Joel H. Laski

Ms. Elizabeth W. Jones

Mrs. H.E. Jones

Ron and Joyce Jones

Richard Michael Kagan

Mrs. Béla T. Kalman‡

Dr. Alice S. Kandell

Eva R. Karger

David L. Kaufman

Stephen B. Kay and Lisbeth L. Tarlow

Ms. Nancy Keil

Dr. Eileen Kennedy

Robert W. Kent

Mary Ellen Kiddle

Athena and Richard Kimball

Mary S. Kingsbery

Mr. Robert Kirzinger

Anita Ruthling Klaussen and Bud Collins ‡

Ms. Marsha A. Klein

Mason J. O. Klinck

Kathleen Knudsen

Joan H. Kopperl

David Korn and Carol R. Scheman

Mr. Robert K. Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf M. Kroc

Mr. Richard I. Land

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lawrence

Dr. Robert Lee

Don and Virginia LeSieur

Toby Levine

Jeffrey and Della Levy

Marjorie Lieberman

Mrs. George R. Lloyd

John M. Loder

Diane H. Lupean

Adam M. Lutynski and Joyce M. Bowden

John C. MacRae

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malpass, Jr.

Matthew B. and Catherine C. Mandel

Jay Marks

Mrs. Nancy Lurie Marks

Gail and Steven Marlow

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Marshall

Jane B. and Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

Ellen W. Mayo

Mrs. Barbara McCullough

Mrs. Richard M. McGrane

Mrs. David McKearnan

Mrs. Willard W. McLeod, Jr.

Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Russell P. Mead

Joel Robert Melamed MD

Karen Metcalf

Fern King Meyers

Richard Mickey and Nancy Salz

Dr. Martin C. Mihm, Jr.

Edie Michelson Milender and Sumner Milender

Richard S. Milstein, Esq.

Dale and Robert Mnookin

Patricia A. Monk

P.J. Mont

Joan G. Monts

John Thomas Moore ‡ and Robert F. Paladino

Mrs. John Hamilton Morrish

Richard P. and Claire W. Morse

John Munier and Dorothy Fitch

Cecile Higginson Murphy

Katharine S. Nash

Chloe Nassau

Robert Neff

Anne J. Neilson

Ms. Diana Nelson

Michael L. Nieland, M.D.

Mr. Richard C. Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Norton

Fritz and Luciana Noymer

Helene and Martin Oppenheimer

Annette and Vincent O'Reilly

Mrs. Stephen D. Paine

Mrs. Marion S. Palm

Catherine L. Pappas

Mary B. Parent

Dr. Jack S. Parker ‡

Janet Fitch Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Parker

Joyce and Bruce Pastor

Patrice Evelyn Pastore

Nancy and Robert Payne

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pepper

Mr. John A. Perkins ‡

Wendy Philbrick

Rev. Louis W. Pitt, Jr.

Mrs. Rita Pollet

William and Lia Poorvu

M. Joan Potter

William and Helen Pounds

Patricia Ross Pratt

Mrs. Murray Preisler

Mr. Peter J. Previte

Dr. Robert O. Preyer

Carol Procter

Mrs. Millard H. Pryor, Jr.

James and Melinda Rabb

Dr. Herbert Rakatansky and Mrs. Barbara Sokoloff

Mark Reach and Laurel Bifano

Mr. John B. Read, Jr.

Peter and Suzanne Read

Kenneth Sawyer Recu

John Sherburne Reidy

Robert and Ruth Remis

Ms. Carol Ann Rennie ‡

Marcia and Norman Resnick

John J. and Emily M. Reynolds

Frederick and Bonnie Rich

Dr. Paul A. Richer

Barbara Rimbach ‡

Wendy H. Robbins

Elizabeth P. Roberts

Mr. David Rockefeller, Jr.

Fran and Liz Rogers

Dr. J. Myron Rosen

Peter and Rachel Ross

Mr. James L. Roth

Pauline A. Rowe

Wallace and Carol Rowe

Arnold Roy

Sue Z. Rudd

Lois and Larry Ruttman

Joan and Michael Salke

John A., Helen M., ‡ and John W. Salkowski

Mr. Robert M. Sanders

Mr. Stephen Santis

The Sattley Family

Leonard Saxe and Marion Gardner-Saxe

Ms. Carol Scheifele-Holmes and
 Mr. Ben L. Holmes

Constance Lee Scheurer

Liolia J. Schipper

Dr. Raymond Schneider

Curtis Schondelmeyer

Dr. Curtis Schondelmeyer and Scott Russian

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Schroeder

Gloria Schusterman

Mrs. Aire-Maija Schwann

Alice M. Seelinger ‡

Mrs. George James Seibert

Kristin and Roger Servison

Joyce and Bert Serwitz

Arlene and Donald Shapiro

Carl H. and Claudia K. Shuster

Mrs. Jane Silverman

Scott and Robert Singleton

Barbara F. Sittinger

Dr. and Mrs. Jan P. Skalicky

Natalie K. Slater

Drs. Norman Solomon and Merwin Geffen

Mrs. George R. Sprague

Maria and Ray Stata

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stavenhagen

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Stcavish

Lewis and Margery Steinberg

Susan Stempleski

Marylen R. Sternweiler

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Stevenson IV

Anne B. and Galen L. Stone

Lillian C. Stone

Theresa M. and Charles F. Stone III

Norma and Jerry Strassler

Peter and Joanna Strauss

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon D. Sutton

Mona N. Tariot

Mr. Thomas Teal

John Lowell Thorndike

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Thorne

Diana O. Tottenham

Daniel Vincent and Stephen Borboroglu

Robert Volante

Mark and Martha Volpe

Edward Wacks, Esq.

Eileen and Michael Walker

Carol A. Walker

Harvey and Joëlle Wartosky

Stephen and Dorothy Weber

Allen C. West

Ron and Sandy Weston

Carol Andrea Whitcomb

Mrs. Constance V. R. White

Edward T. Whitney, Jr. ‡

Dr. Michael Wiedman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Willett

Mr. Jeffery D. Williams

Samantha and John Williams

Sybil Williams

Mrs. Margaret Williams-DeCelles

Jeanne H. Wolf

Chip and Jean Wood

David A. Wood

Donald G. and Jane C. Workman

Robert W. and Sheri Olans Wright

Drs. Richard and Judith Wurtman

Patricia Plum Wylde

Mr. David Yalen

Isa Kaftal Zimmerman and George O. Zimmerman

Richard M. Ziter, M.D.

Anonymous (82)



Lists reflect giving levels from September 2017 to August 2018, unless otherwise indicated.